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Beyond 20 years of experience in bookstore operations

We have been in the school bookshop business for over 20 years, staying relevant by constant transformation through the years. Starting out operations in 1996 in Tanglin Secondary School with only 1 staff, we have grown tremendously; and today we have a several teams of personnel in servicing, marketing, procurement, accounting and logistics. We are a one stop solution that both teachers and students can depend on. At PPM, our mission echos the MOE; we are “moulding the future of the nation”.

Print-Pak & Marketing Pte Ltd (PRINT-PAK) is a GST registered company.

“More Than Just A Bookstore”

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Bespoke Services.

As a family owned business, we are able to ensure that our services are tailored to each school we serve, and that every school benefits from our bespoke service. As a teacher once said to us “You are so much more than a bookshop!”

Embraces Life Values

We embraces life values as such; honesty, compassion, perseverance, respect and responsibility. Our service staffs are trained to focus on imparting the above values.

Vast Network

We call it the “PPM” experience! The schools that we currently serve are able to tap on our vast network of resources and suppliers. Teachers and students are able to get their supplies through us.


We believe in incorporating technology with our operations as well at to uphold the traditions of maintaing a sincere relationship with the school’s management team.

Part of the family

It is about being part of the school. Being part of the family, including parents support groups and student’s councils. Sincere approaches in fostering relationship with the school’s management to better fullfill the school’s requirements.


At PPM we believe that being part of the school we have to uphold our social responsibilities. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. We believe in using recycled and recyclable materials to reduce our environmental impact.

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Storefront Ambassadors

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Bee Eng

Saint Andrew's Secondary


Korean Drama
Listening to music



Bukit Merah Secondary


TV Drama
Family Time


Saint Andrew's Junior


Mahjong sessions
Korean Dramas

Seow Leng

Jurongville Secondary


Reading books about herbs

Cooking meals for home

Visit to shopping mall

Mdm Lee

Evergreen Secondary


Novel reading
Tv Drama
Explore the world


Head Office


Line Dancing
Keeping house clean
Holidays Trips

Mdm Poh

Head Office


Drama watching
Candy Crushing
Explore new places

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Preferred Partners

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Our online textbooks sale is only available during the AO period Nov - Dec Purchases can be made directly from the school's bookshop during usual operation hours.

For more info, please check out our FAQ