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Joel Mok


In all the interactions, you have been polite, patient, professional, accommodating and able to provide clear solutions to make the experience a smooth and memorable one despite the challenges we managed to create for ourselves. Thanks for everything!

Gwen Chen


The vendors are nice and friendly - They are accommodating, prompt and responsive.

Nay Myo Aung


It was a pleasure dealing with Print-Pak. Response to my inquiry was very fast and very helpful. The staff I dealt with was very patient and pleasant as well. Great job Print-Pak.

Mdm Faridah Begum

Evergreen Secondary School

Print Pak & Marketing has been a reliable and trustworthy vendor, ensuring the fulfilment of all contractual obligations. They deliver quality goods and services to school enabling the school to operate smoothly and effectively. The bookshop act promptly to provide excellent service to school. Mr Poh is always ready to extend his support to school and goes all the way out to source for stationery or logistics needs of the school. The year end book-sales together with Sec 1 registration and management of FAS students have always been done in a systematic and efficient manner. The staff deployed by bookshop is efficient and friendly towards students and parents. The school has always had a good working experience with bookshop.

Ms Chan Lai Lin

NewTown Secondary School

It has been great working with Print-Pak & Marketing Pte Ltd. Mr Poh and the staff have been supporting the school population well and are cooperative, helpful, responsive and always available when assistance is required.


Saint Andrew's Secondary

Print-Pak & Marketing Pte Ltd has been providing services as our school bookshop vendor for more than 10 years. Print-Pak & Marketing Pte Ltd has been providing reliable and prompt services. They have been very accommodating and are always willing to accept last minute requests.


Saint Andrew's Junior School

The staff are friendly to our parents and students. They work closely with the school for the P1 Orientation Day and P1 Admin Day. They also assist the school to prepare the school booklists on a yearly basis. Their year-end books sales are well-managed and they are able to follow up on parents’ queries on availability of stocks promptly. We strongly recommend Print-Pak & Marketing Pte Ltd to other schools.
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