HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)

HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)

HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)

HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)

HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)
HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)
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HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (include Protective Cover)

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HansVision PX2201 eDictionary (Discontinued)

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汉神掌上学PX2201电子词典 Approved for use in Chinese Composition Examinations* by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) Provides HansVision Pinyin, Bushou and Handwriting input. More dictionaries, Word/Phrase dictionary, Idiom dictionary, Pictorial dictionary, Local phrases and more. Creative Knowledge PX2201 eDictionary, benefiting from foundations of the past, is now more powerful and comes equipped with the latest technology, refreshed content and improved application: Ergonomical, practical and a large capacitive screen 7 inches color screen, calligraphy fonts, large and clear text, high character count per screen Multiple input methods. Voice reading for every character Includes HansVision Input system (consonant input, wildcard input, tone input, etc.) together with radical input and handwriting input methods, allowing students to find one that best suit them. The availability of definitions, example sentences and voice over functions will allow students to learn effectively. Carefully curated content Compiled by a panel of experts that have carefully accessed the learning and writing needs of students; commonly used local words such as 新加坡、乐龄、组屋区 are also included New and Innovative dictionary functions In addition to the original Chinese-Chinese dictionary, Chinese idiom dictionary, colloquial dictionary, and the latest vocabulary dictionary, PX2201 includes a new HansVision Picture Dictionary. Together, these make learning easier for students. Example sentences provided also enable more effective writing. Rich aggregate of content that assists in composition writing PX2201 provides a large number of commonly used phrases and practical references. These include character basic strokes, common radicals, commonly used quantifiers, punctuation, Chinese character structure, famous quotes, etc. Also included are classic learning resources such as: Tang poetry, Song poetry, Di Zi Gui, Three Character Classic, Hundred Family Surnames and so on.
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