Essential and eye-popping

Essential and eye-popping

Essential and eye-popping

Essential and eye-popping

Essential and eye-popping
Essential and eye-popping
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Essential and eye-popping

Parents know best, or do they? In today’s Asia, the dilemmas of overparenting

The end goal is successful children. But trying to give them a head start in life can be a struggle in a fast-changing, competitive world, as the series The Family Affair discovers.

SINGAPORE: His mid-term tests were coming up, and Wen Zi Xu’s mother wanted to know what scores her 11-year-old would try to get.

His aim: 100 marks for English; 95 and above for mathematics; and above 80 for Chinese, his weakest subject. But she had two words for him about his last target: “Not enough.”

The boy replied in consternation: “If I promise 85, you’d blame me if I can’t reach it. Can’t we go slowly?”

Welcome to the world of parenting. Or is it overparenting?

The Wen family hail from Chengdu, China. And mum Feng Jie knows of parents who “won’t tolerate even one mistake in exams”. She said: “They demand 100 marks. Some even beat their kids if they don’t achieve that.”

It is not just Chinese parents...

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